Custom Bodies to carrying a specialised container for a Raytheon. Brief was to come up with a storable step system that will fold out and provide access to the side door on a container. Plus multiple pull out drawers under the body.

Platform and Step system slides out sideways, platform locks into position, then step system rotates towards the rear and lowers to the ground, handrail folds up automatically.

Once platform handrails are fitted manually you have a safe and sturdy step access.

Units also have self-levelling hydraulic legs so the Unit can be quickly set up perfectly level. Multiple of these units – great Customer who was delighted with the outcome.



Gibson Tru-Body specialises in the manufacture of steel framed light commercial truck bodies and associated metal fabricated products to all motor truck dealers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our products and services include Tipping Bodies; Vans; Service Bodies & Specialised Bodies; 1 Tonne Trays & Medium Trays; Tailgate Loaders; Cranes; Accessories – Towbars, Ute Lids & Toolboxes; Road Rail; Trailers; Tru-Step Commuter; Roadside Maintenance & Mine Vehicles.

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