Light Vehicles

LH4 Modified Wheelbase Conversion
LH6 Vehicle Construction
LH7 Body/Chassis Variants Conversion
LK1 Seat and Seat Belt Installation/Removal
LK6 Child Restraint Anchorage Installation
LM1 Fuel Tank Installation

Heavy Vehicles

A2 Air Cleaner Substitution or Additional Fitment
A4 Exhaust System Alteration
G1 Relocation of Air Brake Components
G6 Fitting of Air Operated Accessories
H1 Wheelbase Extension Outside OEM Options
H4 Chassis Alteration
J1 Body Mounting
K1 Seating Capacity Alteration, Seat, Seatbelt and anchorage Alteration
K3 Cabin Conversions
K5 Installation of Wheelchair Occupant Restraint System
M1 Fuel System Alterations
P1 Towbar and Coupling Installation other than Fifth Wheels and Kingpins
R1 Installation of Vehicle Mounted Lifting Systems




“All drafting and designing is done on our Computer Aided Design (C.A.D.) program to ensure accuracy and to produce reliable and detailed drawings for our production requirements. Following is a small selection of drawings used in our manufacturing process.”