Our reputation of having state of the art machinery and well equipped staff continues with the introduction of a new 3.6m CNC press brake, and matching 3.6m CNC guillotine. This alongside our CNC ‘Euromac’ punching machine enables our sheet metal staff to produce work for both in house projects and for outside customers, to the highest quality standard and in a productive timeframe.

As well, our recent introduction of a new and updated refrigerated dryer cooler to our compressor system, along with improved filters and a back up compressor, moves our workshop and painting capabilities to new levels. Certified testing of our air quality and improved air capacity means our painting and workshop air tools can work more efficiently and productively, while also cutting our electricity usage which is both good for the company and the environment.

With a comprehensive range of air and electric tools available to all staff and in all sections, 2 CNC press brakes, 2 CNC guillotines, a CNC strippet , mig welders for each staff member and a large workshop area in 2 buildings, GTB and their staff are ready and well equipped now more than ever, to continue meeting your needs.

Gary Gibson, Assistant Manager
Gibson Tru-Body


Gibson Tru-Body specialises in the manufacture of steel framed light commercial truck bodies and associated metal fabricated products to all motor truck dealers in Queensland and Northern New South Wales.

Our products and services include Tipping Bodies; Vans; Service Bodies & Specialised Bodies; 1 Tonne Trays & Medium Trays; Tailgate Loaders; Cranes; Accessories – Towbars, Ute Lids & Toolboxes; Road Rail; Trailers; Tru-Step Commuter; Roadside Maintenance & Mine Vehicles.

For Bookings and enquiries, please contact us on (07) 3881 0188 or via email [email protected].