Another Weed Spray Truck (7th one) for Queensland Rail. These GTB designed units run on the railway line to spray weeds. Carrying 3000 litres of water and several chemicals, mixing happens on the go – so no manual handling or mixing of chemicals Multiple nozzles at the rear spray defined areas. In the centre “Weedseeker” units which automatically search for plant life between the tracks, when plant is detected the system automatically sprays that weed only, all at 60kmph !! Saves a lot of waste and misses.

The system is designed so the driver can operate everything from the cab. An addition to this unit was Hand Spray Guns accessible from the cab – set up on weightless balancers, the driver can stop and point the spray gun wherever he wants, all without getting out of his seat.

All valves are electric controlled enabling transfer of water and all spray nozzles. The rear has a boom each side which can swing horizontally if it hits anything and driver can quickly raise it up and back down with the flick of a switch. Only complaint from the driver (who has just received a second replacement unit) is it’s all too easy and boring !



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